About us

Skin Physicians is a medical-led company. Ran by a local dermatologist, she has many years of experience working as a doctor both in the NHS and in the private field. As it is dermatologist-led, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of someone who has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with skin-related conditions. In fact, one of the reasons Skin Physicians was developed was because our dermatologist, in her NHS work, was frequently seeing complications caused by poorly performed cosmetic procedures. She wanted to create a professional environment where clients could feel safe in the knowledge that they would be looked after not just during their treatment but more importantly post treatment too, should any issues arise.

One of the major focuses of Skin Physicians is Hydrafacial therapy. Unlike many other aesthetic treatments, Hydrafacial is completely non invasive and there is no risk of lasting side effects. For those who want healthier looking skin without the downtime from other cosmetic procedures like laser treatments, Hydrafacials are an excellent treatment. They are an effective way to remove acne scars and fine lines, improve the skin’s texture with hydration, boost blood circulation in the face, and minimize pores for clearer skin.

There are many private providers in the UK offering cosmetic procedures (both invasive and non invasive) but few are dermatologist led. Non medical ‘aestheticians’ as well as doctors who are medical but not necessary dermatologists will often offer these treatments. With Skin Physicians you can rest assured that a dermatologist (i.e a doctor specialising in the skin) will be performing or overseeing your treatments. This means your skin and it’s relation to the body as a whole are considered, rather than purely focussing on just the treatment itself.

We look forward to working with you – feel free to get in touch and our dermatologist will happily answer any questions you may have.

What is Hydrafacial good for?

HydraFacial is so adaptable, it’s a good option for anyone looking for a pick-me-up. It works across all skin tones and types but is particularly beneficial for the following skin concerns:

Dullness and dehydration

Acne and mild acne scarring

Fine lines and wrinkles

Loose, ageing skin

Pigmentation and discolouration

Rough skin texture

Rosacea and easily reddened skin


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